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Business at her core


By Gerald Goh

THE most important aspect of running a business is not how much money is invested.

According to Apple Hong, being a good manager is the key to success.

The Malaysian actress recently invested a five-figure sum in an outlet of Xiao Bar Wang (XBW) in her native country.

The eatery, which features Taiwanese street snacks such as braised pork rice and crispy chicken, is her first venture with artistes Jeff Wang and Ong Ai Leng.

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Paper Toy, ‘Rocking’ Xiao Bar Wang

You can create this ‘rocking’ xiao bar wang at the comfort of your home.

1. You will need a scissor and a glue.
2. Download the template in PDF from here.
3. Cut out the design from the template and glue the flaps accordingly.

Have fun!

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Xiao Bar Wang has received the SME1 Asia Awards * SINGAPORE 2011

Xiao Bar Wang, SME1 award

Thank you for all the support to let Xiao Bar Wang to have this chance to receive this prestigious Awards 2011.

The SME1 ASIA Awards is created to recognise successful Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore and ASIA that are socially responsible, which do not forsake people, society and the environment in pursuing profits.

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艺人王建复台湾小吃店 推出"台湾凉面"







坐落在One Raffles Place 的”小霸王”台湾小吃店,已经是王建复开设的第四家连锁店。主打价廉物美、服务快速的小吃店,深受许多上班族和学生的喜爱。


Via Omy

Xiao Bar Wang , 小霸王 with Operation Hope Foundation

Hope Foundation - Cambodia

Working with Operation Hope Foundation, Xiao Bar Wang and a team of volunteers went to Cambodia from 7-17 May 2011, with the aim to improve the lives of the villagers in Cambodia. They were distributing food and building houses, giving them a place to call home.

Watch the Video that the team has put up.

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王建复马国开新店 洪乙心王爱玲成合伙人


王建复自2009年在Tampines One购物商场中开设首家”小霸王”小吃店后,在过去的两年半内,他和伙伴王维业分别在ION Orchard及Raffles City开了两家”小霸王”分店。

位于One Raffles Place的第4家”小霸王”分店,日前(11日)正式开门营业。

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Don’t miss the fourth outlet opening of ‘Xiao Bar Wang’!

Jeff Wang, Apple Hong and Ong Ai Leng are going to bring ‘Xiao Bar Wang’ to Malaysia!

<a href='' target='_new' title='Don&#39;t miss the fourth outlet opening of &#39;Xiao Bar Wang&#39;! 第四家‘小霸王’开张了!' >Video: Don&#39;t miss the fourth outlet opening of &#39;Xiao Bar Wang&#39;! 第四家‘小霸王’开张了!</a>

Food Review by Tampines1

Read all about the special launch at Tampines 1. Have you tried it yet?

Food Review By Miss Tam Chiak

Mee Sua

Read all about Xiao Bar Wang at Miss Tam Chiak

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Black Sugar Bubble Lime

Black Sugar Bubble Lime

Crispy Chicken

Crispy Chicken

Snack it up with our crispy bite-sized goodness that’s large on taste! Add the Xiao Bar Wang’s Special Salt & Pepper concoction or spice it up with Xiao Bar Wang’s Chilli powder for that extra oomph!

Dory Fish Set

Dory Fish Set

Don’t hesitate in getting this nourishing meal that’s share to please your palate. The fried dory fish provides the main attraction for this delectable set. Topped off with two side vegetables, half an egg and tofu, this wholesome dish is not to be missed.

Crispy Fish

Crispy Fish

Munchy crispy fish, the wholesome answer to all snack attacks! Add Xiao Bar Wang’s special blend of Salt & Pepper or make it hot with Xiao Bar Wang’s chilli powder

Flower Tea

Flower Tea

Refreshing Roselle Tea quenches and nourishes the body. Since ancient times, it is believed to reduce cholesterol and water retention. Drink it on its own or add this finishing touch to your Xiao Bar Wang meal!

Grilled Pork Burger

Grilled Pork Burger

Mee Sua

Mee Sua

Using only the finest ingredients imported from Taiwan, Xiao Bar Wang is proud to offer the Taiwanese mee sua that is a definite must-try. Along with a piping hot serving of delectable soup, the smooth mee sua is sure to satisfy your craving.

Mega Crispy Chicken

Mega Chicken Cutlet

Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence: E=mc2 has taken on a new meaning at Xiao Bar Wang! Now, Energy = Mega Crispy Chicken! The marinated chicken is prepared on the spot upon ordering to ensure extra crispiness and lip-smacking tenderness. Xiao Bar Wang’s secret spices are the finishing touches to this scrumptious snack. Mega Crispy Chicken is bound to give you a mega energy boost!

Black Sugar Milk Tea

Milk Tea

An invigorating drink that scores high on nutrition! Minerals like iron and calcium makes Black Sugar a healthier alternative to processed sugar. Add Milk tea and voila, a nourishing remake of the Taiwanese milk tea!

Pork Chop Rice Set

Pork Chop Rice Set

Enjoy some succulent pork chop that’s sure to leave you satisfied and asking for more! Served with two side portions of delicious greens, half an egg and a yummy piece of tofu, this dish is a definite must-try.

Pork Mushroom Porridge

Pork Mushroom Porridge

Braised Pork Rice

Braised Pork Rice

Braised Pork Rice or “Ru Rou Fan” is a comforting food which is inspired by family recipe. The warm rice drenched in a savory brown sauce and braised minced pork is reminiscent of good old grandma’s cooking. With love and concern for a balanced meal, a healthy twist is provided by serving some greens and half hard-boiled egg.

Speciality Cold Noodles

Speciality Cold Noodles

For a refreshing treat that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, look no further! A hot favourite in Taiwan, this cold dish comes with a range of sauces to satisfy your taste buds. With the addition of shredded chicken, veggies and eggs, this unique meal is utterly delicious.

Mushroom Tea Eggs

Mush Tea Eggs

Immersed in a secret blend of mushroom and tea, our Mushroom Tea Eggs are a delightful twist of the traditional recipe. With its divine aroma and delicious taste, our Mushroom Tea Eggs are truly one-of-a-kind.

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